Acting, Directing
















Directing  音楽詩劇「葵の上」音楽; 松平頼則 Music Theatre "Aoi no ueby Yoritsune Matsudair

                       January 11  山王オーディアム、大森

Acting and Directing    Interrogations  -Word of zen master -

                        January 17  Gare au theatre-Companie de la Gare, Vitry-Sur-Seine


Directing, Acting and Choregraphy       Modern Noh    Le Tambour de Soie 

                        March 2, 3   Maison de la Culture d'Amiens, Amiens, France (avant-premier)

                        March 25-28   Le Centquatre, Paris, France (avant-premier)


Acting        Sleeping Beauty by Serge Nicolai

                        November 27, 28, 29     Crochetan, Suisse

                        January 2021                  Le Monfort       




 Directing   Opera  Pecheur de Perles  by

                          September    Opera Napoli, Italy


Directing Opera  Autumn Mountain by David Lang

                        October         Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan

                        November      Japan Society, New York, USA











Research of  movement and voice based on Japanese culture.

The earth and sky move, the universe moves and human beings are made to move

We can learn something about our universe by exploring our body movements.

A Japanese philosopher once said that the human body is in fact a universe on a reduced scale.